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Fall is Here!

With Fall officially upon us, the temperature is quickly dropping. We would like to take this time to remind you of some necessary steps for winterizing your home and your lawn.

1. Remove all hoses from outside faucets and put covers over them to prevent damage. If you notice any drips or leaks please contact us right away.

2. Please rake up all leaves before they freeze and cause damage to the lawn.

3. If you are responsible for mowing your lawn, please mow your lawn one last time before it freezes.

4. Adding winterizer to your lawn will help with the condition of it in the Spring.

5. Pull all weeds.

6. We recommend leaving your heat set to about 50 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing at all times.

We appreciate your help in keeping your home and property in the best condition possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.

Thank you,

The Graf Investments Team

Posted by: grafinvestments on October 18, 2016
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