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Pay Your Rent Online!

pay-onlineThere are a lot of good reasons to make your rent payments online. Mainly, it saves you time and checks. But, it also makes it easier to always make sure your payments are made on time and you aren’t charged any late fees!
We understand that you may have some reservations about entering your bank information online, but rest assured that the information is password protected and all transactions are encrypted and securely transmitted.
To set up online payments, just call us to send you a link to set up Tenant Portal! (509) 697-4874. The Online Portal asks you to create a login and password so that only YOU have access to your account information, and then it is just a couple simple steps from there to set up a one-time or recurring monthly payment.

Some of the benefits to paying online are that you can:
• Save money
• Save time
• Save gas
• Save stamps and envelopes
• Save checks
• Pay your bill any time of day
• View your bill any time
• Pay online from anywhere
• Pay with a debit card (processing fees apply)
• Pay with a credit card (processing fees apply)
• Pay with an E-Check (free)
• Automatically be entered to win a prize when you pay on time
• One time payments or autopay available
• Automatic email reminders

Posted by: grafinvestments on December 7, 2016
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