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When To Put in a Work Order

maintenanceYou may wonder when the best time is to put in a work order. The short answer is now! It is in your best interest to let us know right away when you notice something has gone wrong. Depending on what other issues our maintenance team is working on, we may not be able to come out right away, so the sooner we know, the sooner we can be to your home to put things in order.

A priority maintenance repair would consist of water leaks, fire, sewage and/or anything that could cause further damage.

An example of a previous resident neglecting to call in a maintenance request: years ago we had a resident that had a hot water tank that was leaking. They did not call in the maintenance request and the tank continued to leak, and over time, slowly flooded the entire home. Then, mold started to grow. On our annual inspection we found this and had to repair and replace, everything from floor to ceiling at the residents expense of close to $40,000! Don’t let this happen to you, call us right away and ask to put in a work order!

Some helpful tips to check before calling:

  • Check your breakers first if a light is out. or change the light bulb if needed.
  • If a wall socket seems not to be working, check for a little GFI button on all of the sockets in the house and press it, or see if there is a light switch that turns it on.
  • Check your disposal to make sure nothing has fallen in (that shouldn’t be there), and try resetting it using the button on the bottom or back of the unit before calling it in.

We hope these tips help eliminate extra charges to your account.

Posted by: grafinvestments on December 14, 2016
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