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Snow Management

In an effort to ensure a smooth winter season of snow removal from all parking lots and sidewalks, we are posting this in hopes that it will remind everyone to proceed with extra caution. Residents need to be aware that roads, parking lots, and walkways may be slippery any time the weather has been inclement even after the walkways have been shoveled and the driveways plowed.

A snow plow contractor starts their route when snowfall exceeds 2 inches. This doesn’t mean they will be at your home as soon as the snow reaches 2 inches in depth. We have numerous routes so it may take several hours to complete snow removal. Sidewalks will be cleared when there is more than 1 inch of accumulation.

Snowplows cannot clear the drive down to the pavement. If they were to try, the drive would be damaged. Thus, there will always be some snow or ice left behind, especially where snow has been packed by vehicle traffic.

During severe weather the contractor may not be able to get to all the walks during the first plow. He or she may have to return later to complete the job. Decks, patios, and private driveways are the resident’s responsibility to clear. If you are unsure about what your responsibility is, please contact your Property Manager.

We suggest that each home have a shovel on hand to clear walks and steps as needed. We cannot provide individual and immediate service to each home, but we will do our best to clear as quickly as possible.

Owner and Management Company will not be responsible for removing snow from around vehicles that have been plowed in by a snowplow, or for plowing city streets.

In addition, when there has been a good amount of snowfall, the parking space numbers may be covered until it melts down enough. Please be patient for it to melt. If you would like to make your space more visible, you do have the option of clearing it to make the assigned spot visible, but again, we cannot clear the snow around cars as it creates a liability.

Stay safe and warm out there. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Posted by: grafinvestments on January 10, 2017
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