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Cold Weather

The weather is cooling down, and it is extremely important to get your house ready. There are several steps to take in ensuring your home will survive through the winter months. Here are 11 essential steps to winter-proofing your house.

  1. Shut off the water to outdoor spigots
  2. Check the exterior walls of your home for holes
  3. Insulate
  4. Set your faucets to drip
  5. Clear a path to your main water shut off
  6. Learn how to shut off your water at the meter
  7. Keep your garage door closed
  8. Keep your gutters clean
  9. Keep attic vents and soffits clear
  10. Keep spare batteries for your thermostat
  11. Learn how to deal with problems

For more details and information about these steps, check out The Balance.

Posted by: grafinvestments on October 4, 2017
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