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Insects are cold blooded. This means the hotter it is outside, the more energy they have to search for food which generally leads them into our homes!

Ants seem to be the most common occurrence we have experienced during this time of year. Although little, they sure are annoying! So how do you get rid of ants? Ultimately, ants are your responsibility as a resident per section 18 of the Lease/Rental Agreement. Before getting involved with costly exterminators or dangerous chemicals, there are much safer and more affordable methods to try first.

Vinegar. The way in which ants communicate with one another is through sounds, touch, and scent trails. If you set a little homemade Vinegar trap, one ant initially will find it then in turn send out a signal to the other ants that it has found a food source. Ideally, with this signal of the new “food source”, you will be successful in trapping the majority of ants and be rid of them!

Draw the line. Literally draw the line with chalk! Chalk and ants does not mix. When ants become in contact with chalk, it sticks to their bodies and does not come off. So not only will ants be unable to physically cross the chalk line, eventually it will kill them.

Divert them. Many people solely focus on the idea of killing ants. Have you ever thought about maybe just diverting them to a different location? Ants love sweet things, such as honey. Sometimes the answer to getting rid of ants can be as simple as putting a bucket, jar, or glass of honey in a location AWAY from your house. This wont harm the ants in anyway, it will just draw their attention elsewhere.

There are many other natural and harmless ways to get rid of these pesky ants. To check out more ideas and suggestions, check out Home Remedies!

Stay cool out there, and good luck with all those ants!!

Posted by: grafinvestments on April 26, 2018
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