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Chilly Weather

Hope everyone is enjoying this blustery crisp fall day!

As much as we love fall weather, it is also pipe freezing season. It is very important to protect the pipes of your house from freezing. Check this out for details of what can happen when pipes freeze.

We all want to save money anywhere we can, but cutting corners with heat in the fall and winter season is NOT the answer!

Survey Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to this month’s raffle winner, Ashley! Ashley won a $50 VISA giftcard by filling out our Customer Service survey.

You too have a chance at winning. Simply click here to complete our Customer Service survey or click here to complete our Maintenance survey. Once you have submitted either survey, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $50 VISA.

Resident Appreciation

We appreciate you as residents and Halloween is right around the corner. As a thank you, we will have treats in our office on Friday, October 20th. Come pick up yours while supplies last!

Thanks again for being amazing residents and Happy Halloween!

Cold Weather

The weather is cooling down, and it is extremely important to get your house ready. There are several steps to take in ensuring your home will survive through the winter months. Here are 11 essential steps to winter-proofing your house.

  1. Shut off the water to outdoor spigots
  2. Check the exterior walls of your home for holes
  3. Insulate
  4. Set your faucets to drip
  5. Clear a path to your main water shut off
  6. Learn how to shut off your water at the meter
  7. Keep your garage door closed
  8. Keep your gutters clean
  9. Keep attic vents and soffits clear
  10. Keep spare batteries for your thermostat
  11. Learn how to deal with problems

For more details and information about these steps, check out The Balance.

Red Cross Donations

With the recent hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes, it seems as if mother nature is putting our strength to the test. During this time people can begin to feel hopeless, gloomy, and even despondent. It is during this time that we all need to come together and help those in need.

Graf is proud to announce that for the month of October, we will be a drop spot for everyday necessities such as shampoo, soap, trash bags, toothbrushes/toothpaste, baby wipes, clothing, etc. We will also be collecting monetary donations. We will have a drop boxes in the office for these donations. All donations will be brought to Red Cross at the end of the month.

Lets help make a difference! Call (509)697-4874 for any questions.


Friday is finally here!

What are YOU doing to celebrate? Don’t have plans? We got you!

Take a look at events happening in the valley this weekend. Form wine tasting and painting, to firefighter fundraising we got you covered!

Whatever you end up doing, enjoy yourself!

Put the flame out!

Did you know that there are currently 60 wildfires burning in the northwest at this point in time? Wildfires can be extremely destructive to land, people’s homes and properties. Graf is currently collecting donations to help aide the ones affected.

Every penny counts!

Air Quality

It’s no secret, the air quality the past few weeks has not been good. Although some people might enjoy the smell of the smoke, it certainly is not something to take lightly.

The smoke in the air can be extremely dangerous to one’s health. There is a very large range of health problems that can occur including burning eyes, runny nose, trouble breathing, and even chronic heart and lung diseases. Some people are at a higher risk due to their age or pre-existing health condition. Elders, young children, teenagers, pregnant woman and people with diabetes are going to be the most affected by the poor air quality.

To get more details about the symptoms of breathing in the smoky air, check out this website! Air now also includes many helpful tips to ensure your health and safety is not compromised during the fire season.

Move in Today!

Are you in a time crunch to find a place to call home NOW? You are in luck! As of today, we have several properties that are vacant, meaning they are ready for someone to move in now!

Here is a list of our current vacancies:

1 Bedroom:

  • 311 W Naches Ave #21, Selah, WA $695/month

2 Bedroom:

  • 217 S 3rd St. #3, Selah, WA 800/month
  • 507 S 3rd St #7, Selah, WA $815/month
  • 3404 B W Prasch, Yakima, WA  $975/month

3 Bedroom:

  •  1714 Reservoir Loop, Selah, WA $1,600/month
  • 905 S 44th Ave #B3, Yakima, WA $960/month

If you are interested in scheduling a viewing, click here to apply! As soon as we have your application and photo ID, we will contact you to schedule a viewing. Act now, these will fast!!!

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have!


July Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, Emily!

Emily has been part of the Graf family for 5 years. Although she is currently working form out of town, we are still able to experience her enthusiasm and drive to succeed.

Emily is a team player and does whatever it takes to help her team be successful. She responds to any and all questions in a quick and timely manner. Whenever we need tips and tricks for excel in particular, she is our go-to person. She is definitely the expert in this area.

Thank you Emily for all your hard work, you are very missed here at the office!